Open Positions

The positions below are currently open.

1)Researcher (leader class candidate) Oligonucleotide therapeutics discovery researcher (Chemistry)
This position has been fulfilled. Thank you for your interest.

2) Researcher (Staff or leader class) Oligonucleotide therapeutics discovery researcher (Biology)
・Work experience at a pharmaceutical company or drug discovery biotech.
・Experience setting up cell assay system.
・Experience in animal experiments.
・Management of joint research and contract examinations with external organizations.
・Assembly ability of test system.
・Analysis of data obtained by cell assay and cell-free assay.
・Communication skill with collaboration companies.
[Desirable experience]
・Basic knowledge about informatics.
・Experience such as knockdown test using antisense and siRNA.

3) Project Management (Staff or Manager class) Non-clinical trial management personnel
・Experience in research and development of new drugs (regardless of oligonucleotide therapeutics, small molecule or biologics) in pharmaceutical companies.
・Management experience of joint research and contract tests with external organizations.
・Non-clinical comprehensive judgment ability including pharmacology, pharmaceutics, and toxicity.
・Those who have an overview of drug development and knowledge of related laws and regulations (GCP, ICH guidelines, etc.) necessary for business.
・Knowledge about safety evaluation.

It is acceptable to conduct our interview via online if you live far away from Kansai area.

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