We will give a presentation and a poster presentation at the 6th Annual Meeting of the Nucleic Acids Therapeutics Society of Japan via online from June 27 to June 29, 2021.

Details are given below.

June 27, 14:05-15:15 Poster session1 (1P-25)
Title:Evaluation of the extrapolation about the off-target effects of antisense oligonucleotides from in vitro to human
1Integrated & Translational Science, Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc.
2Research and Development Division, Luxna Biotech Co., Ltd.
3Consulting, Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc.
*This presentation will be given by Axcelead Drug Discovery Partners, Inc.

June 28, 14:20-15:30 Poster session2(2P-23)
Title:The knockdown activity of GuNA-gapmer antisense oligonucleotides in heart
Luxna Biotech Co., Ltd.

June 28, 14:20-15:30 Poster session2(2P-30)
Title:Optimization for reducing hepatotoxicity by incorporating AmNA and SCP
Luxna Biotech Co., Ltd.

June 29, 16:00-16:15 Company symposium(C-3)
Title:Advances in antisense drug discovery that takes advantage of the characteristics of sugar-crosslinked artificial oligonucleotide 
Hideaki Sato, President & CEO, Luxna Biotech Co., Ltd. 

We are looking forward to joining us.
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